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M IconOW Productions was formed in 2010 with the ideological aim of reducing the gap between burgeoning India and the stereotypical images of it. The perception and the representation of the country in the media has come a long way indeed. From visuals of a mystical land with snake charmers and jewel encrusted Maharajas riding on elephants to one with gleaming skyscrapers and luxury cars, India is an eclectic pastiche of cultural grandeur incorporating the ancient with the modern.

A hub for the arts, entertainment and culture, the pioneer of the great Eastern spirituality and philosophy and a safe investment haven for the then dated strong economies, India is witnessing a flurry of activities that bring it to the epicenter of all the action. Poised to join the top three economies of the world by 2050, all eyes are now on the sub-continent.

We at MOW Productions work towards the true and earnest representation of this flurry of excitement and seek to tell the global audience bright, innovative and compelling tales from India’s effervescent urban centres to its remotest corners. We have a myriad projects on hand ranging from corporate profiles to covering social, financial and the political happenings across India. Our work spans across social issues and stories that are of human interest.

With our network across India's 28 states and 7 Union territories where at least 18 official languages are spoken and over 200 dialects registered, we understand the importance of local expertise in the global environment. MOW Productions was therefore formed in a quest to represent this constantly evolving environment in the most reliable and interesting manner, our motto being “Keeping real India alive”.