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Supriya Sobti
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Supriya is a multimedia journalist with eloquent writing, radio and television broadcast experience in the newsroom and programming departments of International networks such as the BBC, Al Jazeera English and many others.

She has previously researched, edited and written for publications whilst simultaneously writing and voicing packages for radio and television - covering the news, entertainment, current affairs and sports genre.

Supriya’s versatility also lends itself to networking and good PR work and it is her passion for music that has led her to the specialist programming genre, covering music festivals and concerts in major cities. Her very own version of a mega festival had been on the cards for the longest time; that dream manifested into RAGASTHAN, India's first desert camping music festival which kicked-off in the dunes of the Thar in November, 2012.

While Supriya’s basic love of things extends to global rural travel, exploring and understanding cultures, finding and promoting genres of music, nothing beats travelling for music festivals.

Her first thought with an early morning cuppa: It is what Formula 1 Racer Mario Andretti once said: